Asst.Prof.Dr.Wirachai Roynarin กรรมการที่ปรึกษาBitcoin Finance Expert

Areas of expertise
  • Board of Advisor of Thailand Renewable Energy for Community Associations (TRECA)
    Director of Energy Research Centre of Engineering Faculty, RMUTT
    Executive Advisor of FT Energy Co., Ltd.
  • B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering RajamankalaInstituteof Technology Thailand
  • M.Sc.Mechanical Engineering Newcastle University UK
  • Ph.D.Mechanical Engineering Newcastle University UK

1.WirachaiRoynarin, MSc, P.S Leung, Ph.D, Prof. P.K. Datta, Ph.D, “The investigation of airfoil characteristics using CFD Techniques”, I MechE ‘Up and Coming in Fluid Machinery’, London, UK, 9 October 2003
2.WirachaiRoynarin, MSc, P.S Leung, Ph.D, Prof. P.K. Datta, Ph.D, “Wind Machine for Shrimp Farm Aeration Process”, European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) Conference, Madrid, Spain, 16-19 June 2003
3.WirachaiRoynarin, Ph.D, P.S Leung, Ph.D, Prof. P.K. Datta, Ph.D, “The performance of a selft-Starting Straight Bladed Vertical DarrieusWind machine at Sea Site Environment”, EWEA conference, London, UK 2004
4.WirachaiRoynarin, Ph.D, “The Wavefoilfor Energy Converter”, Mechanical Engineering, SEE, HuahinThailand, 1-3Nov. 2004
5.WirachaiRoynarin, MSc, P.S Leung, Ph.D, Prof. P.K. Datta, Ph.D, “Using wind turbine machine to reduce carbon dioxide emission in shrimp farm aeration process” , Wind energy Conference, Manchester, UK, October 2003

Blockchain to energy

FT Energy Company Limitedto focus on clean energy and the environment for sustainability.We invented a wind Turbines low wind speeds that originated from research in the country on behalf of the Company. Efficiency in the production of electricity and the installation of hybrid energy. The wind Turbines Solar System.
The company is a permanent member of the Association of Community Energy (T-REC). The organization established the legality of the network of 50 universities.To joint academic work Energy research and development for the sustainability of the community both nationally and globally.


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+1 628 123 4000
บริษัท เอฟ ที เอนเนอร์จี จำกัด

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